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First read through the criteria for each category by clicking on the ‘Learn more’ button. Once satisfied that you have fully understood the requirements, click the ‘Submit your entry’ button to proceed to the entry form. Please note that following the instructions will give you the best possible opportunity of making it onto the shortlist.

The judges and the criteria will focus on the last 12 months and not before, so please ensure your submission only covers the assessment period.

Please also note that nominations will be assessed based on quality and not quantity. Submitting multiple entries or doing so on behalf of the same company or person will not increase their chances of making it through to the shortlist. Submitting one comprehensive and detailed entry which fully addresses all the criteria and questions, backed up by relevant and compelling supporting documents, will achieve greater cut-through with the judges and increase your chances of progression.

A primary purpose of the iGB Affiliate Awards is to showcase fast-growing and disruptive businesses. Hence while the scale of nominee companies is taken into account by the judges when assessing the quality of submissions against the criteria, managing to successfully demonstrate and convey the growth, innovation and momentum of your business via your submission is likely to exert an equal if not greater influence on the judges’ final decision.

Full details of the 2024 judging process can be viewed under the Process tab accessible from the left-hand menu.